Portland Victorian Belle wedding: Emily + Oliver

August 1, 2016


Most people might not recommend to start dating someone new during the last semester of college when both parties are about to head overseas in opposite directions for several months. But hey, sometimes love is crazy like that, and sometimes people see something in the other that makes it worth the wait. When Emily “made” Oliver (aka OB) buy her a drink at a pub crawl halfway through their senior year at the University of Portland, probably neither of them were thinking “this is it.” But after the two of them went on a date to a Blazers game (OB is a huge fan!), they became inseparable. Well, despite the overseas part. But they took advantage of those months away from each other to build a strong friendship and foundation for their relationship.

Fast forward to today, and the love and laughter that they share with each other is infectious. When I asked them how they knew they were in love and wanted to get married, Emily simply responded with this quote: “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” // John Green

I think that says it all.

Emily and OB, congratulations to you on your union and beautiful wedding day. I had so much fun with you and your families and friends, and getting to know you both! I wish you nothing but the most wonderful adventures together!

Tess Miller (my cousin, who is a photographer in Portland and introduced me to Emily and OB because she wanted to be their videographer) and I started off hanging with the fellas as they got ready. Tess is really good friends with OB and informed me that he loves being in front of the camera. Seriously? A groom who enjoys the limelight? Pinch me. He was so much fun! Case in point – wearing a mask while the guys are looking up YouTube videos on how to tie a bowtie. 😉

portland-wedding-emily-oliver080116_01 portland-wedding-emily-oliver080116_02

Then we headed to spend time with the ladies and photograph Emily’s bridal details. I love how we were able to tie everything together from beginning to end of this wedding. When a bride has cohesive details throughout, it makes such a big impact in the way the story of a wedding day can be curated. So thank you, Emily, for having such a beautiful vision!

portland-wedding-emily-oliver080116_03 portland-wedding-emily-oliver080116_04 portland-wedding-emily-oliver080116_05 portland-wedding-emily-oliver080116_06 portland-wedding-emily-oliver080116_07 portland-wedding-emily-oliver080116_08 portland-wedding-emily-oliver080116_09

Emily and OB chose to have a first look and take care of bridal party photos prior to their ceremony so that they’d have plenty of time to enjoy their celebration later on. They chose Cathedral Park as their location, and seeing as I’m not from Portland, I hadn’t been there before. Even though I googled images in advance, I was still in awe of its beauty for a photo location, and could have stayed there all day!


portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_10 portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_11 portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_12 portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_13 portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_14 portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_15 portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_16 portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_17

There was actually a wedding being set up for later in the day that was down below us, so we were slightly restricted in where we could go without having distractions in the background, but sometimes all you have to do is move your feet and you’ll see something new. (Also, props to Tess and my other cousin, Cody, for pointing out some super sweet vantage points!) If anyone else wants to do a photoshoot here, I volunteer as tribute! 😀

portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_18 portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_19 portland-wedding-cathedral-park-emily-oliver080116_20

Once we finished at Cathedral Park we traveled to their wedding venue, the Victorian Belle. Emily’s vintage decor theme worked so well here, and it was a beautiful setting for their wedding.

portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_21 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_22 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_23 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_24

There may or may not have been some bets made on whether OB would cry… but hey, a wedding is a BIG DEAL! And seeing his bride walking down the aisle towards him is a pretty special moment. portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_25

And Emily felt the same, so it’s all good.portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_26 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_27 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_28 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_29

Throughout the day I noticed how much Emily and OB laugh together, and I love that they were all smiles and laughs throughout the ceremony.portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_30 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_31 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_32

Honestly…one of my favorite photos from the day…Emily is so stoked! 😀portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_33 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_34 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_35

The Victorian Belle is such a picturesque venue, so I’m glad we had a few moments before dinner to take some photos there.portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_36 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_37

Can you tell how much OB adores her. 🙂portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_38

On the weekend of their wedding the forecast called for rain. Lots of rain. I literally did a sun dance a few days prior, and I’m gonna assume the weather gods compromised with me, because we had beautiful diffused light through the overcast sky. It actually started to rain only as everyone was ushered under the tent for dinner – and we were treated with a rainbow in the distance!
portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_39 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_40 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_41 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_42 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_43 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_44

This dessert spread was one of the most well-designed I’ve seen – simply stunning. All of these delicacies are homemade goods by Becky Taylor, who is opening a bakery in Portland soon.portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_45 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_46

That cake, tho…portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_47 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_48

Emily and OB partied the night away with their guests in the gazebo – such a fabulous celebration.portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_49 portland-wedding-victorian-belle-emily-oliver080116_50


Be sure to check out more photos from their day in this slideshow.

Thanks to the wonderful family and vendors who helped make this day come together!
Venue + catering: Victorian Belle
Cake + dessert bar: Becki Taylor and Katie Scott (Katie is opening her bakery – Juniper Fancy –  in Portland soon!)
Hair stylist: Melissa Borst
Makeup artist: Katie Scott
Floral design: Old Town Florist
Invitation suite: Josie Putman
Videographer: Tess Miller (and also my behind the scenes Snapchatter!)
Music: DJ Pandora 😉
Photography: Seattle wedding photographer Tara Brown
Wedding dress: Maggie Sottero
Bride’s shoes: Ivanka Trump
Mensware: Jos. A. Bank