University of Washington class of 2016: Brandon

June 7, 2016

Seniors, Sports

This Saturday is commencement for the University of Washington, and instead of his usual cleats and helmet, Brandon will don a cap and gown as he proudly walks across the stage at Husky Stadium with his fellow graduates in the class of 2016. Brandon and I became friends a couple months ago when I was on campus for a photo shoot with faculty of the American Ethnic Studies department, which happens to be Brandon’s major. He was passing by as I was speaking with one of his professors and started chatting me up about photography. He had just invested in a camera so he could photograph his up-and-coming clothing brand, Always Original, and expressed his interest in learning more about the basics. Twist my arm – of course! – I love teaching photography.

You might have seen on my Instagram some of the photos I’ve taken of Brandon during our ‘photo 101’ sessions. I talk photography a million miles an hour, but he’s picked up quite a bit, and I’m excited to see how he develops his skill, as well as his brand.

Since the school year is ending, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to help him capture this distinguished moment in his life. We got together for some college grad photos last week and it was a total blast. Brandon, thank you for letting me be your photographer. As a Husky alumn, I applaud you and welcome you to our ranks. 😉 I’m very proud to be your friend. Good luck with your department grad speech this week, too! Go Dawgs! 😀

Brandon still has one football season left at UW, and since he spends so much of his time in Husky Stadium, it was only fitting to start here for his grad session.

Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_01-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_02-watermarked

Dubs up.Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_03-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_04-watermarked

Might are the men who wear the purple and the gold. (I’m gonna add women, too – just sayin’.)
Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_06-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_07-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_08-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_09-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_12-watermarked

Can’t wait for the stands to be filled in the fall…but in the meantime…they’re awesome for photos. 🙂Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_13-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_15-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_17-watermarked

Bow down to Washington.Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_18-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_21-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_22-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_23-watermarked

Another iconic location on campus is the new W at Rainier Vista, just across the street from Husky Stadium.Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_24-watermarked

(Also, Brandon didn’t have a football for photos inside the stadium, but picked one up on our way out. I love these!)Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_25-watermarked

A lil’ sun haze in action for this one. 😉Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_28-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_30-watermarked

The soon-to-be-grad makin’ some business moves!Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_32-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_33-watermarked Brandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_35-watermarkedBrandon-Beaver-university-of-washington-graduate_36-Edit-watermarked

Hope you enjoyed those images as much as I did taking them. If you’re a class of 2016 college grad and would like to commemorate your accomplishment, let’s talk! We can customize a photography experience that features iconic and special places to you on your campus, or we can even do a portrait session in my studio. Trust me, it’s a time you’ll want to be able to look back upon. 😀