Styled bridal shoot: Calla Bridal

June 1, 2016


Last summer one of my brides, Kerry, wore a dress from Calla Bridal in Green Lake. I always share my wedding galleries with vendors for their own portfolio use, and that was how I connected with Sarah at Calla. We started talking about doing a styled shoot to showcase some of their 2016 gowns, and a collaboration was born! Bridal portraits are something I feel like I can’t get enough of on an actual wedding day, so I was thrilled to partner with Calla Bridal, as well as work with five of my girlfriends and two amazing hair + makeup artists, Hanna Mazur and Arianna Scott. Because Seattle weather wasn’t very pleasant or predictable early in the year, I contacted the Hyatt at Olive 8 because they have a gorgeous wood paneled wall in their open foyer, bordered by a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that lets in beautiful natural light. They were totally on board to host us for a day, and we had such an awesome time! It was so hard to choose favorite images from this styled shoot, but I’ve done my best. Enjoy! 😀


It was really important to me that I had some of my girlfriends as my models for this shoot. Not only because I knew it would be a blast (which it was), but also because I knew they would be there for me, and I wanted to make them feel amazing and share a unique experience with them. Check out Cora in this Martina Liana gown. And I love how Arianna Scott made her eyes pop!


Cora and I met when she started working at the University of Washington, and much to my delight, she soon joined my department! She and I were pretty much attached at the hip and shared so many laughs. Cora is hands-down hilarious, even though (or especially because) she doesn’t always catch on to sarcasm. 😉 When Cora got married I was her day-of coordinator, so it was fun to be her photographer when she was a bride this time around!




I know many women grow out their hair in preparation for their wedding day, but Cora has rocked a short style ever since I’ve known her, and I totally love how chic she looks!


One thing Cora and I share in common is that we are both tall. Well, she’s taller than me. But we bond over that, and she totally rocks her height. I love how she looked in this gown! Thanks so much for modeling for me, Cora. 😀


Jen…aka J.No… she literally got married four days ago. And no, this was not her wedding dress. BUT, it was preparation for her to be a bride. 😉 If anyone can pull off this Martina Liana dress, it’s her. Jen styled her own hair (I LOVE when she is au natural!), and Arianna Scott completed her look with a vibrant lip and eye.

Jen and I met on her 21st birthday when I went out with her and our mutual friend Takirah to go dancing. She is one of the nine Dancin’ Divas (and if you have no idea what I’m talking about or are curious to learn, leave a comment at the end of this post and maybe I’ll do a personal post about that.) 🙂 Ten+ years later, she’s one of my dearest friends and we’ve shared so much together, from multiple trips, weekend getaways, club nights, concerts, and more.



Jen has modeled for me before when we did a glamour session in Gig Harbor a couple summers ago, so she’s definitely no stranger to work-work-work-work-working with me. #rihannavoice



The sun set soon after I started photographing Jen, so I had to pull out an off camera flash setup…which enabled me to capture this image, which I am completely in love with. <3 J.No, you rocked it – thank you so much for sticking with me the whole day!



Last August during UW Photo Day I was setting up to photograph families just outside of Hec Ed, when all of a sudden I noticed a couple walking towards me with the cuuuutest Siberian Husky puppy! My heart melted for Maximus and I didn’t want to do anything but play with him for the rest of the day. Alas, his parents, Jessica and Francisco (who are tying the knot later this month!) were there for photos with him, so I had to get to work. 😉


Jessica and I continued to get to know each other after UW Photo Day, and I know she loves to model, so I invited her to be part of the styled shoot! And boy did she kill it in this Essense of Australia dress. I love the bold red lip that Hanna Mazur gave her!


This dress was so flowy and princess-y that we had to show it off on the stairs.




She is so fierce. 😉 Jessica, can’t wait for you to model for me again – thanks so much for being part of this day!



Nothing makes me think of a summertime bride like the bubblegum pink lip that Arianna Scott gave Laura for our photo shoot. And the Hayley Paige gown she wore was super playful and unique. Isn’t that strappy back detail so fun!


Laura and I also met while working at the University of Washington. We both were on the art committee in our building, and when I saw her my thought process was literally, “Hey, she seems really cool, I should be friends with her!” We met for lunch a few times and became fast friends, especially bonding over Husky football.


I had the pleasure of photographing Laura and her husband for a mini session a while back, but I was super bummed that I wasn’t available to photograph her wedding…so this definitely made up for it. She’s a beautiful bride!



And Arianna rocked it with Laura’s hair…I’m loving the waves.


Laura’s dress was perfect for twirling, too. Told you she’s playful! Laura, you’re a beauty inside and out, and I’m so happy you were able to be a bride again for a day. Thank you!



Leanne… aka Leanimal… She is another of the Dancin’ Divas (is your interest piqued yet?), and one of the most fashionable chicas I know. Seriously, years ago at a Diva gathering everyone had decided that we’d be “super cas'” (super casual)…and this girl shows up in a lacy black top, dangly earrings, and curled hair, while the rest of us were in yoga pants. Ummmm… 😉 Well, I’m glad she wasn’t super cas’ for this… She slayed in this Steven Birnbaum gown, with hair and makeup by Hanna Mazur.


Leanne has an infectious laugh to go along with her purdy smile! 😀


Leanne and I have a knack for hearing regular sentences and instantly thinking of a real song lyric that relates to it. We also enjoy laughing uncontrollably, sitting next to each other on airplanes, and motivating each other in our businesses. She is a financial planner and this lady networks like no other. I’m so proud of her.



Leanne also had a glamour shoot with me down in Gig Harbor. I totally love having the opportunity to photograph my friends!


Get it, girl! Leanimal, you stunner. I love and appreciate you for being one of my models. 😀 Thank you!


This was such a fun and beautiful shoot, and I can’t wait to do more like this.

HUGE THANK YOUs again to…
Calla Bridal
Hanna Mazur
Arianna Scott
Hyatt at Olive 8
Cora, Jen, Jessica, Laura, and Leanne!


Last minute story about the bouquet… First of all, thank you to Fiori Floral Design in the Pacific Place Nordstrom! So what happened was… This shoot was going to be pretty simple, just showcasing the dresses and hair and makeup. But the morning of, we all decided that it would be nice to have a bouquet for some of the photos. However, it was December. (I know, I know…I’m so late in blogging this.) Leanne and I drove to Pike Place Market while the rest of the gals were getting ready, but the florists had only dried flowers. No thanks. We googled other nearby floral designers and we were so relieved that Fiori had real flowers. The gal in the studio that day listened to my specific needs and helped me create this lovely bouquet in just a few minutes. It lasted all day through each of the girls’ shoots and was the perfect prop without overpowering the gowns. I’m so grateful I worked with Fiori and for the kindness that was shown to me there!