Seattle Yacht Club wedding: Courtney + Sean

September 2, 2016


Since she was a young girl, Courtney knew she wanted to have a fairytale wedding. Growing up as a Disney kid (how I fondly refer to anyone who couldn’t get enough of Simba, Ariel, Belle, and the likes) how could she not. ūüėČ Her parents may or may not have talked up the fun and excitement of eloping, ūüėČ but nope, she was going to have her day to be a princess. Soon after they met, Sean proved to be the man of her dreams – kindhearted, witty, with¬†a strong pair of arms to wrap her in a hug whenever she needed it. As Courtney¬†walked down the¬†aisle towards her prince charming, smiling and spreading her infectious laugh, her fairytale was complete.

Courtney and Sean’s wedding at the Seattle Yacht Club was on a very warm and sunny day. Boats full of sunbathers passing through the Montlake Cut honked their horns in congratulations as we took photos, and there were few dry eyes during their ceremony. Thankfully, the rest of the evening was all smiles and laughter.

Courtney and Sean, thank you for choosing me to be part of your wedding day – not only to document your union, but to witness your love. You both have such kind hearts and fun personalities,¬†and I so appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to become your friend. Congratulations, and have the most amazing time on your Mediterranean cruise!

Courtney had all the frills and bling fit for a princess, for sure. ūüėČ

seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_01 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_02 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_03

And Sean sure cleans up nicely!seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_04

Courtney and Sean’s first look was tender and sweet…and may or may not have required a makeup retouch! ūüėČseattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_05

Fun with veils.seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_06

These two, lookin’ all classy.seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_07 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_08 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_09

Courtney, you’re radiant!seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_10

I just love their genuine smiles.seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_11

We wandered off of the Yacht Club property just a few blocks away to a park where we could find some shade from the super warm day. Thankfully the gorgeous tall trees also provided a lovely backdrop!seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_12 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_13 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_14 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_15 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_16 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_17 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_18 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_19

Their ceremony was under a billowing white tent, which was a nice relief from the warm weather!seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_20

Sean awaits his beautiful bride…

Here she comes!seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_22

So many family and friends showed their love and support for Courtney and Sean.

Eyes for only each other the entire time.
seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_24 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_25

Time to go celebrate!seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_26 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_27 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_28 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_29 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_30

Love this classic but vibrant cake from Cakes by Creme de la Creme.seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_31

The two cutest cake cutters there ever were. ūüėČseattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_32 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_33

Before the end of the evening, we snuck outside as the sun slipped over the horizon for a few photos along the water. A perfect ending to a beautiful day. <3seattle-yacht-club-wedding-courtney-sean_34

See more images from their wedding in this slideshow!

Many, many thanks to all of the fabulous folks who made Courtney and Sean’s wedding come together.

Coordinator: Shaylee Roberts
Hair: Magdalena Ayon
Makeup: Candice Berd
Floral design: Barbara Mushrush and Evangelia Lagos
Invitation suite: Pink Champagne Paper