Seattle Engagement: Kayla + Kev

September 9, 2015


Summer camp is the best. Outdoor activities, campfires and s’mores, the inevitable summer crush… Sometimes those camp crushes surprise you and turn into love. Kev and Kayla met almost ten years ago on the shores of Fan Lake when they were counselors at Camp Reed, a bit north of Spokane, from where they both hail. Kev admits to being entranced by Kayla’s green eyes, but they remained just friends. They saw each other a few times a year at various gatherings in Spokane in the summertime and around holidays, but it wasn’t until several years ago, when Kayla got a job in Seattle, that their future together started to unfold. Kev had already been living here for a while (and landed a gig in my department at the UW, which is how we met), so when Kayla came to town for her interview, he offered to ditch his afternoon workout and take her to happy hour.

And that’s when things started to feel different between them. Once Kayla moved to the area, the two of them spent more and more time together. Yet, they still weren’t dating. It took Kev leaving for a five-week trip to Patagonia – and all of the missing of each other that involved – for them to realize how much they cared about each other and wanted to be together. Upon their reunion, they became official.

And now Kev will get to stare into Kayla’s gorgeous green eyes for the rest of his life. 🙂

Kev and I worked together for a year and became really good friends (the guy is hilarious, so, like, why wouldn’t we), so I was overjoyed when he told me he was engaged and asked me to be their wedding photographer. I first met Kayla at our consultation and quickly thought, “Yep, she’s a keeper.” (So good job, Kev!) 😉 I’m gonna have to get my boots and gloves ready for their February wedding in Spokane. In the meantime, let’s enjoy their summery Seattle engagement photos, shall we?

Kayla and Kev started off the evening with some bubbly along the shore of Lake Union at Gas Works Park.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle.seattle-engagement-photography-kayla-kev_02 seattle-engagement-photography-kayla-kev_03 seattle-engagement-photography-kayla-kev_04
After a quick outfit change (love Kayla’s dress!), we then headed down to Pier 70, which is where Kev proposed. It was a bit chilly and blustery along the water, but they kept each other warm, and we had fun. 🙂seattle-engagement-photography-kayla-kev_05
I love capturing these special moments.seattle-engagement-photography-kayla-kev_06 seattle-engagement-photography-kayla-kev_07
Seriously? Seriously. <3seattle-engagement-photography-kayla-kev_08
From the pier we walked over to the Olympic Sculpture Park for a few photos before we lost the sunlight. I love this city feel.
Sometimes I just let my couples forget I’m there. 😉seattle-engagement-photography-kayla-kev_10
I’ll end on this note…there’s something about a summer night, it’s just magic…
Kayla and Kev, I had so much fun with you on your engagement shoot. I can’t wait to photograph your wedding! 😀