Seattle Glamour Photography: Haley

August 17, 2015


At our family reunion back in June, I was hanging out with my cousin, Haley (whose high school senior photos I did a few years ago…my, how we’ve both grown up!), and I mentioned to her that it would be fun to do a glamour shoot at my studio in Seattle sometime. A couple weeks later, we had another chat about it and booked a date before she headed off to Spain to study abroad. She actually just left yesterday morning! So Haley, I sure hope you can find some internet access, cuz you’re going to want to see these. 😉

I absolutely adore portraiture and getting to work one-on-one with someone. I’m thrilled to be sharing a studio space in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle where I can actually shoot rain or shine and provide a custom and memorable experience for people. Glamour sessions are extra special, because it means pulling out all the stops for hair & makeup and attire. In this case, Haley actually chose to do her own hair and makeup, but after we discussed the look and feel she wanted for her shoot, she rented an incredible gown from Rent the Runway – and it made all the difference in how Haley felt about herself, not to mention that she looked freaking incredible and her photos reflect that.

I took so many images that it was a serious struggle for me to choose favorites…but here are my top 20. Nope, 30. I couldn’t do it, haha. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 😀 And Haley – you are such a rock star, I loved spending that time with you. xo

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel <–kind of my glamour photography  mantra. 😉

seattle-glamour-photography-haley-27THE dress: “Patricia Dress” by Catherine Dean from Rent the Runway. Isn’t it lovely!


Once we had a few images that showed off the dress, we got into my favvvvorite, which is close-up portraiture. I am drawn to peoples’ eyes and the connection that can be made through photography.seattle-glamour-photography-haley-03 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-05 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-07 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-08 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-11seattle-glamour-photography-haley-09

I love Haley’s smile. 😀seattle-glamour-photography-haley-12 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-13 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-15 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-14seattle-glamour-photography-haley-16 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-19 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-18seattle-glamour-photography-haley-20 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-23 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-24 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-29 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-31 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-41

The switch to the black backdrop took Haley from something sweet to something fierce!seattle-glamour-photography-haley-33 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-34 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-35 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-36 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-37 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-38 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-39 seattle-glamour-photography-haley-40


I seriously can’t stop looking at these. I am highly anticipating the next time I can get some gals into my studio for a glam sesh. If you’re interested in having glamour photos of your own, let’s talk! You can email me at and we can set up a time for a consultation and I will walk you through the process. You know you want to… 😉 You deserve it!