Seattle Yacht Club Wedding: Shannon + Stephen

August 12, 2015


Proposing to someone can be a little bit…nerve-racking…especially when plans don’t go just right. For Stephen, he wanted to propose to Shannon on a Friday, but after she came home from work that day in a bad mood, he decided to wait until Saturday to see if she felt better. But at Saturday’s breakfast, Stephen could tell Shannon was still upset because she didn’t even eat all of her delicious food. Finally, it was on a lazy Sunday morning after a fancy steak dinner the previous evening that Stephen was set on changing Shannon’s mood. When Shannon opened her eyes that morning, there he was with the engagement ring they had picked out together a few months prior, and he asked her to marry him. And then they celebrated by eating leftover steak and cheesecake because, as Stephen puts it, “There is nothing better for Shannon than cheesecake in the morning.” This is a man who knows his lady.

Shannon and Stephen have a lot of fun together, from playing soccer and watching Husky sports, to cuddling up to a good Netflix show and traveling to Mau’i. They really admire each other and recognize their strengths. Shannon appreciates how Stephen is kind to everyone around him and his passion for his work. Stephen loves Shannon’s smarts and her caring nature.

On their wedding day in July, despite the rain clouds that threatened above the Seattle Yacht Club, it was clear that nothing could put Shannon in a bad mood and, thankfully, Stephen wouldn’t have to wait any extra days to say their “I do”s. 🙂 With their family and friends seated under a white tent facing the water in Portage Bay, Shannon and Stephen vowed to spend their lives together, and spent the rest of the day laughing and celebrating with their guests.

Shannon and Stephen, it was my distinct honor (and such a great time) to photograph your beautiful wedding day. Your family and friends are wonderful, and a testament to the type of people you are. I hope you had an adventurous time on your honeymoon in Mau’i, and I wish you nothing but happiness!…with a side of cheesecake for breakfast. 😉

The Seattle Yacht Club is situated on quiet waters just between the 520 bridge and the Montlake Cut. There is a gorgeous westerly view of the water, and we were hoping to have a colorful sunset on their wedding day, but the rain clouds were too thick.

seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-16 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-15

Shannon wore a stunning Stella York dress from Bellevue Bridal.seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-01

Beautiful floral designs by Ravenna Bloom and a creamy invitations by Paper Delights complemented the gray and blush color theme.seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-02 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-03

Once the bride and groom were ready, we headed out to the waterfront for their first look and then for portraits. I love having ample time to photograph my couples away from the hustle and bustle of their wedding day so that they can relax a bit and share some quiet moments together. Shannon had her hair and makeup done by Swink Style Bar in University Village. She looked absolutely radiant!seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-04

Around the corner from the yacht club is the Montlake Cut…and this gorgeous willow tree. So dreamy.seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-05 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-06

Some of my favorite moments of a wedding day are capturing my couples laughing together. 😀seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-07 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-08

I promise I didn’t cut these photos into two, haha! I just really, really love the lacy train of Shannon’s gown.seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-09

A beautiful couple in the middle of a tree-lined street? I’ll take that any day.seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-10 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-11

Following the portraits, it was time to hang out with the rest of the bridal party. And what are groomsmen good for if not mocking the groom? Stephen’s infamous toothy grimace is apparently easy to replicate. 🙂seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-12

Meanwhile, Shannon and her bridesmaids (including her sister Kerry, whose wedding I photographed back in June!) were a bit more tame. Such a fun bunch of gals.
seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-13 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-14

There were a few light sprinkles of rain in the early evening, so we were thankful to have this billowing tent, just in case. Shannon’s dad looked so proud as he walked her down the aisle.seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-17 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-18 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-19 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-20

Officially Mr. and Mrs.!seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-21

Cocktail hour and dinner were outside under the tent.

Shannon’s mom was responsible for this lovely decor, featuring more florals from Ravenna Bloom.
seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-24 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-23

There were many hilarious and endearing stories shared about Shannon and Stephen during their toasts. This is actually one of my favorite parts of the evening because I learn so much more about my couples.
seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-25 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-26 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-27

Their wedding cake, by Mike’s Amazing Cakes, looked delicious! seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-28 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-29

The dancing portion of the evening was inside of the yacht club.
seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-30 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-31 seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-32

And the band Free Rain rocked the night away while everyone had a great time on the dance floor!seattle-yacht-club-wedding-shannon-stephen-081115-33

Congratulations, Shannon and Stephen! Your wedding was beautiful. I’m so happy for you two.

You may view more photos from Shannon and Stephen’s wedding in this slideshow:

Many thanks to the wonderful creative team who made Shannon and Stephen’s wedding such a fabulous day…
Wedding Venue + Catering: Seattle Yacht Club
Floral Design: Ravenna Bloom
Cake: Mike’s Amazing Cakes
Gelato: D’Ambrosio Gelato
Papery: Paper Delights
Hair + Makeup: Swink Style Bar at University Village
Band: Free Rain
Photographer: Seattle Wedding Photographer Tara Brown