Gig Harbor location glamour: Yessica

December 5, 2014


I’m so excited to share my final *summer*glam* session, this one featuring my girl, Yessica. (If you missed Leanne and Jennifer, be sure to view their images, too!) Talk about girls of summer! Back in August when I took three of my girlfriends down to Gig Harbor for some QT and to work on some photography to inspire me and try some new things, I had no idea that all three of the gals would be involved with literally every aspect of the shoots (okay, except the photography, duh) – from hair & makeup to assisting to supporting each other. We had an amazing time and I’m considering offering *location glam* sessions down there again next summer!

Yessica is one of the most talented and inspired artists I’ve ever met. In addition to being fabulous at hair and makeup 😉 she creates incredible paintings and drawings, and she’s currently interning to be a tattoo artist! You can find her on Facebook at The Art of Yessica Marquez, and follow her on Insta @yessicasart. She’s been participating in various art shows along the West Coast and it’s been so wonderful to see her confidence and tenacity grow over the past few years as she’s gotten her name out there. She makes custom artwork, too, so you should totally get in touch with her if you want a unique creation! Yessica has an infectious laugh and smiley eyes – but don’t take that for weakness – she is one tough cookie! She is such a strong woman, and I was so honored to be able to photograph her and capture all of her beauty.


Yessica loves makeup. Like, lovvvvves it. Working with makeup is an extension of her artistic abilities, and she uses makeup to express how she feels and totally change her look from day to day. I love her fuchsia lips and eyelashes that just pop! You’ll also notice Yessica’s tattoo on her right shoulder…Frida Kahlo is her inspiration.

Glamour: Yessica |

Yessica can be super serious, but quickly bursts out laughing. 🙂Glamour: Yessica |This is one of my favorite images from our glam session.
Glamour: Yessica | Glamour: Yessica | Yessica, stop. You’re killin’ it.Glamour: Yessica | Glamour: Yessica | Glamour: Yessica | Glamour: Yessica | Gettin’ her Sasha Fierce on.Glamour: Yessica | Glamour: Yessica | Glamour: Yessica | Glamour: Yessica | Glamour: Yessica | Glamour: Yessica |

Yessica, thank you for being a super model, and also for the amazing work you did with Leanne and Jennifer’s makeup. You are so talented and I’m so proud of you!

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