Blessed Sacrament Church wedding: Christina + Aaron

February 3, 2015


Christina and Aaron were married December 13, 2014 – 12-13-14 – because how could they possibly pass on consecutive numbers?! That’s an anniversary date they won’t ever forget, right? They prepared for their wedding day at Hotel Deca in the University District, not far from Blessed Sacrament Church, where their ceremony was held. Surrounded by their family and friends, their day was filled with laughter, love, and well wishes for their future together as husband and wife.

Christina and Aaron, it was an absolute honor to document your wedding day. I think so highly of both of you, and I’m so happy that you two transplants found each other in Seattle. 😉 Here’s to a life full of lots of hiking and adventures! Hugs.

seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0005 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0010 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0009

Christina, you make such a beautiful bride!!seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0008

Such a dapper groom steel blue suit!seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0006 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0007

Christina and Aaron were married in the Blessed Sacrament Church in Seattle, and Christina’s niece, Evelyn, prepared the way for the beautiful bride.seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0011 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0013

When Aaron saw his bride for the first time, you could just feel the absolute love in his heart. This was such a special moment for them both.
seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0014 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0015

During their ceremony, these two love birds snuck a few smiles and laughs off to the side. It’s so apparent how much Christina adores Aaron, isn’t it. 🙂seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0016 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0017 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0018 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0019 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0020 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0021 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0022

I just lovvvve sisters. Aren’t these gals so purdy! (Makeup à la Regina Lee @reginaxp on Insta)
seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0023 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0024 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0025 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0026 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0027

I mean, if you’re gonna get photo bombed, it might as well be by your entire wedding party. 😉seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0028 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0029 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0030 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0031 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0032 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0035 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0036 seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0033

One of my favorite photos of the evening, Aaron rockin’ out with his family. What a party! 🙂seattle-wedding-christina-aaron_0034

To see more highlights from Christina and Aaron’s wedding, check out this slideshow!