Gig Harbor location glamour: Jennifer

December 4, 2014


As I promised yesterday, I’m sharing another day of the super-fun-awesome-exciting location glamour sessions I did with some of my girlfriends over the summer. (Yesterday I shared Leanne’s photos, if you missed it.) A lil’ refresher… Back in August I took three of my amazing girlfriends to my family’s beach home in Gig Harbor for a weekend of glamour so that we could have fun catching up with each other and so I could do some photography work for myself. Today’s blog is all about Jennifer.

Jen and I met on her 21st birthday when our mutual friend invited me to go dancing with them to celebrate. Since then, we’ve torn up countless dance floors together, and know each other’s dance moves so well that we can spontaneously choreograph songs. I promise we’re not weird. 🙂 In addition to all that dancing, we’ve taken trips to places all over the country, and never cease to make hilarious memories. Jen is an elementary school teacher, and whenever she shares stories about her students and how things are going, I’m always so proud of how much she cares about her kids and their growth in her classroom. Teaching is no easy task, as we all know, and yet, in her first several years of teaching, she has been recognized by her peers as someone who can motivate students and who can be a leader. That doesn’t mean the challenges of teaching don’t get to her, but her extreme grace, patience, empathy and wit help her through it. Some of my favorite things about Jen are how excited she gets when she greets anyone (squeal and a big hug), how much she loves mashed potatoes 😉 and her SMILE! You’ll see what I mean…

Jen is known for her amazing hair styles (often done by Yessica, about whom I’ll be blogging tomorrow!), but I love when she lets her curls loose. She’s such a stunner.


That smile. See?! Told you!seattle-glamour-jennifer-gig-harbor_0002 When I was photographing Jen the sun was super harsh, so I looked for a bit of shade and found this area – it’s the side of a deck. 🙂 I love it.seattle-glamour-jennifer-gig-harbor_0003 seattle-glamour-jennifer-gig-harbor_0004 seattle-glamour-jennifer-gig-harbor_0005 seattle-glamour-jennifer-gig-harbor_0006

Jen, your eyes are so lovely.seattle-glamour-jennifer-gig-harbor_0007 seattle-glamour-jennifer-gig-harbor_0008 Had to do a few photos with a quick hair and outfit change!seattle-glamour-jennifer-gig-harbor_0009 seattle-glamour-jennifer-gig-harbor_0010


Jen, thank you so much for being such a fierce super model. 🙂

Check out this slideshow to see even more beautiful images of Jennifer!