Delightful Inspirations Wedding: Sarah + Ryan

April 10, 2013


Her laugh. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the first things Ryan fell in love with when he met Sarah. She was living in Los Angeles, where she had relocated after college to join the ranks of Teach for America. After several years, she decided that it would be her last year of teaching there; she was ready for a new direction. Then one day, Ryan, fresh from serving in the U.S. Marine Corps in Afghanistan, showed up with two of Sarah’s friends. Little did she realize that this tall glass of milk would ask her to accompany him on a cross-country adventure just three weeks later – an adventure that led to the two of them falling in love, and Ryan proposing just over a year later as they walked along a lake in Ohio.

So, clearly, he fell in love with her laughter. Because honestly, who asks someone on a year-long road trip if they don’t think that person is funniest thing since the Shake Weight?

Sarah and I met our freshman year at the University of Washington through my dorm roommate, Ally. We quickly bonded over the love of dancing, being tall, and laughter – obviously. Whenever I think of Sarah, it is an image of her keeled over laughing so hard she can barely breathe, and it makes me smile. Sarah and I haven’t gotten to see much of each other because she’s lived in a different state since we graduated, so when she asked me to be her wedding photographer, I was completely honored and thrilled. It would also be my first wedding outside of Washington! Sarah and Ryan got married on March 2 at Delightful Inspirations in Raleigh, NC, surrounded by an amazing group of friends and family who know how to have a great time. (I even made a few new friends – bonus!) Sarah and Ryan, thank you so much for the privilege of capturing your love for each other.


I loved Sarah’s sparkly headband.


Sarah’s mom does amazing and intricate beadwork. She made Sarah’s bracelet and included a little blue heart for her ‘something blue.’Sarah&Ryan_030213_0171__web

Sarah chose to use beautiful hydrangeas for her bouquets and centerpieces.Sarah&Ryan_030213_0368__web


Sarah and Ryan opted for their ‘first look’ to take place before their ceremony. More and more couples are choosing to see each other before their ceremony because it allows them a few minutes together, just the two of them, before the whirlwind of their wedding. Ryan was clearly ready to boogie.

Sarah&Ryan_030213_0386__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_0393__web

Somebody has an audience!Sarah&Ryan_030213_0399__web

Sarah, you stunner, you. Love those baby blues!Sarah&Ryan_030213_0601__web


I learned quickly that this is Ryan’s signature facial expression.



See? Love her laugh.

Sarah&Ryan_030213_1205__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_1179__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_1174__web

You two are such studs. 😉Sarah&Ryan_030213_1160__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_1130__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_1121__web

Such a beautiful couple!Sarah&Ryan_030213_1114__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_1112__webSarah&Ryan_030213_0647__web
Sarah&Ryan_030213_0614__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_0610__web


Sarah&Ryan_030213_0032 (1)__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_0013__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_0009__web

Love the way he looks at her! You can tell she’s captured his heart.Sarah&Ryan_030213_1392__web

You may kiss the bride!Sarah&Ryan_030213_1346__web

I love this look of pure happiness and excitement on their faces. Congratulations!

Sarah&Ryan_030213_1280__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_0987-2__web Sarah&Ryan_030213_0960-2__web

As a Seattleite, I loved seeing Macklemore on the song request list. Goodwill…poppin’ tags…yah-hooo…Sarah&Ryan_030213_0193-2__web

Party time! And that’s how it went for the rest of the evening. What an awesome crowd. 😉Sarah&Ryan_030213_0840-2__web

Thank you again, Sarah and Ryan! I had a blast photographing your wedding and getting to spend some QT with you! Hugs!

Had to add this…Got this super sweet suitcase for my gear from Think Tank – I totally love it! Fits in the overhead bin, easy peasy.