University Prep class of 2013: Hannah

December 17, 2012


Hannah is a senior at University Prep, and friends with my cousin Beatrix. I met Hannah at her home in Bellevue on an overcast, but thankfully not rainy, day in October. The fall leaves were still splashing color here and there, and the wind was blowing softly as we began our shoot down at a dock on Lake Washington. Hannah wasn’t too sure “what to do” in her photos, but when we were walking through her home and I asked her if she has any hobbies, she told me that she plays the guitar. Perfect! Having props or an action to perform are such great ways to warm up with the camera. I even got her to rock out a bit on the dock. 🙂 Soon, Hannah was posin’ like she’d been in Seventeen magazine for the past three years, and I was able to keep her happy and laughing with plenty of corny lines that yours truly is bound to say a million times over (“Aw yeah, work it girl!” “OH MY GOSH, GORGEOUS!” “WOO!”) I had such a blast with Hannah, and she was so easy to work with. This was also the first day I used an 85mm f/1.4, and my gosh, the crispness of the shots! Where had you been all my life, 85?? I couldn’t help but take a billion pictures of her beautiful eyes gazing into the camera. Mesmerizing, seriously.

Alright, alright, without further ado, here are the pics of the lovely Miss Hannah.

HannahRobin_110412_001 HannahRobin_110412_014 HannahRobin_110412_048 HannahRobin_110412_062

My favorite favorite shot of the day. Those eyes, omg!HannahRobin_110412_086-Edit HannahRobin_110412_119 HannahRobin_110412_139 HannahRobin_110412_143 HannahRobin_110412_153 HannahRobin_110412_158 HannahRobin_110412_168 HannahRobin_110412_181 HannahRobin_110412_187 HannahRobin_110412_192 HannahRobin_110412_196 HannahRobin_110412_231 HannahRobin_110412_232 HannahRobin_110412_246 HannahRobin_110412_247 HannahRobin_110412_260 HannahRobin_110412_288


Thanks for such a fun and awesome day, Hannah! 🙂