University Prep class of 2013: Beatrix

November 6, 2012


I was on vacation when I opened my inbox and saw an email from my cousin Beatrix, asking me to photograph her senior pictures. In the midst of hanging out with friends, I promptly responded that YES, I would love to! Although we live in the same city, we usually see each other only once a year, and don’t really get to catch up – so this was a really special chance to get to know her a bit better, too. We met in the Seattle Arboretum to take advantage of the fall colors, and couldn’t have asked for a better day. (Seriously, how did it NOT rain? I have no idea.) Beatrix is a senior at University Prep, and is involved in more extracurriculars than I thought was humanly possible; my resume is jealous of hers. She’s very internationally-minded, and actually will be traveling to Nepal over her winter break to do some philanthropic work with her dad.

I had a blast photographing Beatrix – she’s such a smart, goofy, loving, beautiful young woman – and I’m happy to say we’re related!

Without further ado, check out these pics of *beautiful Beeee* (Jay-Z voice). 🙂




We were worried it might rain, so I had B bring an umbrella jusssst in case. Fortunately we used it only for a prop and not out of necessity!



The Arboretum was in excellent fall form.

Definitely B’s signature pose. Work it, girl!



LOVE this leather jacket.

Givin’ Willow a run for her money…*I whip my hair back and forth!* 😉



Those eyes…


Such a goof! B was totally in a dancy moody. (I will never complain about anyone bein’ in a dancy mood.) 🙂

Gotta finish with this one, a specifically requested image by B. Simply stunning.