Annie Wright class of 2013: Haley

December 17, 2012


You’ve heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, right? Mama, Papa, and Baby bear go out in the woods to forage for some grub, and innocent lil’ Goldilocks waltzes right into their cottage and starts eating their porridge and napping in their beds. And then the bears came home and are about to be like, “What theeee….!!!” – when they see Goldilocks’ face and immediately suggest that she text me to see if I’ll take her senior photos…cuz they’d be jussssst right! Meet my cousin Goldilocks…who actually goes by Haley, and is probably über confused about why the heck I’ve just casted her into a children’s bedtime story. That’s what happens when you’ve got gorgeous golden mane like this lil’ lady! And speaking of mane, Haley is a seriously passionate equestrian, and once she finishes her senior year at Annie Wright in Tacoma, she’ll probably head to a university on the east coast with a strong riding team. And I’m sure wherever she goes will be jusssssst right for her.

We chose a very rainy day in November for Haley’s shoot, but fortunately, Annie Wright has a beautiful brick courtyard that offered shelter and a strong backdrop for the day. Of course it stopped raining as soon as we finished…but I have no regrets about the shots we got. Check ’em out. 🙂

Haley_120212_001 Haley_120212_026 Haley_120212_044 Haley_120212_053-Edit Haley_120212_056 Haley_120212_070 as Smart Object-1 Haley_120212_076 Haley_120212_093 Haley_120212_098 Haley_120212_104 Haley_120212_133 Haley_120212_142 as Smart Object-1 Haley_120212_154 Haley_120212_156 as Smart Object-1 Haley_120212_163 as Smart Object-1 Haley_120212_167 Haley_120212_184 as Smart Object-1 Haley_120212_191 Haley_120212_229

Haley_120212_247 as Smart Object-1 Haley_120212_285 Haley_120212_299 Haley_120212_326 Haley_120212_337 Haley_120212_364 as Smart Object-1


Haley, thank you for asking me to take your senior photos. I had so much fun spending time with you and getting to know you better!