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Hi, friend! Peruse my blog to explore a variety of photos, get photo shoot inspiration and tips, learn a bit about photography, and get a glimpse into my world!

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Birds-eye photo of a woman's hands as she is sitting at a desk writing a postcard.

Recently I got to do a business branding photoshoot for Taylor Seales, the owner of Hay&Co Design in Seattle (and also one of my weightlifting buddies!). We had so much fun and it was such a success that I wanted to share five tips that helped us achieve our goals during this photoshoot.  1. Discuss […]

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April 4, 2023

photo of pavement from a low perspective showing shallow depth of field, with a tree line off in the distance during sunset

How many times do our hearts have to break? Between horror stories of gun violence and police brutality, 2023 has already seen so much heartache and outrage. It’s challenging not to feel helpless or even hopeless sometimes, friend. When I heard last week about Tyre Nichols’ death at the hands of police, my head dropped into […]

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February 1, 2023

Do you have a bucket list? I do. I actually used to have it on my website as part of my “about me” section: A few of my bucket list items are to touch every continent, write a book, open a bakery, ✓skydive, have a photo published in National Geographic or Sports Illustrated (said the […]

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woman making a photography presentation to a group of women

December 6, 2022

When my baby sister got engaged a couple months ago, my other sister and I were there to help with the proposal, and I took some photos of Tessa and Tyson to capture their excitement and commemorate the moment. And I told her that night, “other than your wedding day, whatever you want photos for, […]

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male and female couple embracing amidst trees

November 16, 2022