Gonzaga Chapel + Chateau Rive wedding: Kayla + Kev

February 27, 2016

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You can tell instantly from the way he looks at her that she is exactly the right person to hold his heart. You can tell by how easily he makes her laugh that he is exactly the right person to make her happy. And you can tell by the joy and support from their family and friends that they all know it, too.

Although they fell in love in Seattle, it wouldn’t feel right for Kev and Kayla to be married anywhere other than their hometown of Spokane. Family and friends came from near and far to see the two of them vow to love each other for the rest of their lives.

Kayla and Kev, as your friend, it was an honor to photograph your wedding day and witness your union. I can’t wait to hear about what adventures you share together. Congratulations!


Everyone got ready for the day at The Davenport Grand Hotel in downtown Spokane. The ladies had an awesome suite, and I got to work photographing all of Kayla’s beautiful details. Her wedding dress from was très chic.


And how can you not love these Jimmy Choosspokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_02spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_03

A friend of Kayla and Kev’s designed a custom beer label, which is the design below. It basically tells their love story. 🙂spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_04 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_05

I loved Kayla’s robe for getting ready. The lacy shoulders added a very sophisticated touch. I just had to sit her down for a few portraits once she was all dolled up!spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_06

Meanwhile, Kev was hanging out with his boys. I visited them for a bit to capture Kev looking all dapper before we headed down for the first look.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_07

I think blue suits are so suave. Kev got his from Suit Supply.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_08 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_09

The hotel was pretty bustling that day so we found a few quiet minutes in the grand staircase of the Davenport for Kev and Kayla to see each other for the first time.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_10

Kev was completely smitten with his soon-to-be bride.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_11 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_12

Then the party started – champagne toasts as we headed out for bridal party photos!spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_13

We went outside at Chateau Rive, which would be where the wedding reception was held. Pretty sure this is the tamest photo of the boys all day. 😉spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_14

Kev had each of his groomsmen draw a pair of socks from a box so they would each have their own unique pair. Sad to say they did not wear their pants like this the rest of the day…sigh…spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_15

And yes, being in Spokane in February was a bit chilly! Thankfully they could get cozy in the lovely scarves Kayla got all of her bridesmaids.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_16

But then, of course, we had to show off their dresses and have a bit of fun.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_17

Chateau Rive has some very neat backdrops to work with for portraits. I had just a few minutes with Kayla and Kev before we needed to head to the ceremony.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_18

Sweet, sweet love. 🙂spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_19 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_20

Gonzaga Chapel had a perfect entrance for more bridal party and family photos.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_21 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_22

Churches can often be a challenging venue within which to photograph. But inside the chapel, I was extremely pleased to learn that not only were the walls and ceiling were white, but also, I could use flash! I almost fist-bumped myself. 😉 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_23

Kayla’s nephews were her adorable honorary ring bearers.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_24 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_25 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_26 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_27

Over 200 of their closest family and friends were present to witness Kayla and Kev pledging their love to one another.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_28 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_29

I love seeing the big smiles of the bride and groom as they head out of their ceremony thinking, “we did it!”spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_30

Back at Chateau Rive, everyone crowded in to the large, cavernous hall to enjoy the celebration. I captured a few details before the party got underway.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_31

Ashley of Ashley Graham Events coordinated a lovely day and was fabulous to work with. She made sure everything was in its place and that we were always on the same page. Teamwork!spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_32

Instead of a traditional guestbook, each guest was asked to write a special message on a thin wooden heart and drop it into a shadow box frame. How clever!spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_33

The home-brewed beer and custom beer labels in all their glory!spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_34 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_35

These two played nice and didn’t cake smash each other. 🙂 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_36

There were so many people to see and talk to, but Kev and Kayla finally made it to the dance floor and had a few moments to be in each other’s arms.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_37 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_38 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_39

Kayla’s sorority sisters celebrated her in Kappa Kappa Gamma fashion.spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_40

And then everyone partyrocked the night away and live happily ever after. 😉spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_41 spokane-gonzaga-chateau-rive-wedding-kayla-kev_42

Thank you for letting me part of this awesome day, K^2!

You may view more photos from Kayla + Kev’s wedding in this slideshow:

Big props to the wonderful creative team who made Kayla + Kev’s wedding such a fun day…
Wedding Venue: Gonzaga Chapel + Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill
Coordinator: Ashley Graham Events
Wedding dress: Sarah Seven from The Dress Theory
Suit: Suit Supply
Catering: Red Rock
Cake: Super 1 Foods
Hair: Terri Reece Studios
Makeup: Shasta Hankins
DJ: Sam of Amp’d Entertainment
Transportation: Spokane Party Bus
Photographer: Seattle Wedding Photographer Tara Brown