[Sports] Sidelines!

October 19, 2010


The Huskies vs. Arizona State football game was 10/9/10…my first game shooting from the sidelines!!! It was POURING rain. Absolutely pourrrring. And I fell in love with being out there on the field. I observed every photographer in sight to see how they did things, what gear they had, how they carried stuff around, when they moved and what angles they took on certain plays…I’d tried to absorb everything I could besides the rain!

How’d I get this opportunity, you ask? A few months ago, I was contacted by someone in the UW Athletic Department who had seen my photos on UWeek, an e-publication for UW faculty/staff. He expressed interest in my photos and asked if I’d be willing to donate some for use on gohuskies.com. I was ecstatic!! Since then, my now-friend D.Hour has asked me to do several shoots for him/the athletic dept., and on this particular day I took pics at a pre-game event for UW recruits and their guests. In exchange for my services, I got a sideline opportunity!

Shooting a game up close and personal is such a surreal experience. I didn’t realize that, while I would capture about 850 shots over four quarters, I still wouldn’t have a comprehensive idea of how the whole game was going. Every time I looked up at the scoreboard I was surprised because I hadn’t been adding the points, even though I was taking pictures of touchdowns.

I shot with my D700 and 70-200mm f/2.8, using a plastic rain cover to protect my camera. (BIG PROPS to Dante at Glazers for helping me prep for this day…from advice on what gear to use to how to “act like I’m supposed to be there.”) Would have been awesome to have a 2nd camera so I could have a different lens. Next time!

Huge thanks to my boy D.Hour for giving me the opportunity…fingers and toes crossed that I can do it again! 🙂

Enough talking – enjoy the pics!

P.S. This is my first time trying the slideshow feature in Lightroom 3! 🙂