The Robinswood House wedding: Jeunai + Teddy

August 25, 2016


Teddy was showing off his wedding ring for the camera when suddenly he heard a commotion behind him. He turned around to see Blitz – the Seattle Seahawks mascot – marching towards him, wings spread for a congratulatory hug. Teddy whooped and grinned from ear to ear. Jeunai beamed – sure, getting married to her favorite Seahawks fan just minutes before was a pretty huge deal, but knowing that she had arranged such an awesome surprise for her husband was an awesome feeling. And this moment provided a glimpse of the love Jeunai and Teddy share, the goofiness that feeds off each other, and the absolute Hawks fanatics that they are.

Jeunai + Teddy were wed at The Robinswood House in Bellevue, surrounded by a bunch of their – expectedly – also goofy and fun family. Their day was full of so many laughs, funny faces, and super sweet dance moves. Their celebration fit Jeunai and Teddy’s personalities to a T.

J+T, it as an absolute blast photographing your wedding day. Thank you for choosing me! I wish you both (and Kaelyn:D) the most fun and exciting future – I think Blitz might need to join you on your one-year anniversary! 😉

The Robinswood House is a lovely setting for bridal details, as well as portraiture.


Jeunai and Teddy saw each other before their ceremony…robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_02

…and Teddy was so excited to see his bride!
robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_03 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_04 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_05 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_06

Jeunai was a simply radiant bride.robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_07 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_08 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_09 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_10 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_11 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_12 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_13

Alright, everyone…who rocked the album cover pose best? The fellas?robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_14

Or the ladies?robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_15 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_16

Hawks socks. 😀robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_17

Such a beautiful setting for a ceremony.robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_18 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_19 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_20

Teddy is hilarious. Jeunai, are you gonna put a ring on it or what?? 😉robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_21


Officially Mr. and Mrs.robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_23


Blitz crashes the wedding!robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_25 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_29 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_30

I have to give a huge shoutout to my dear friend Vira of forevents, who was Jeunai’s event planner (and one of Jeunai’s close friends, too!). She is so cheerful, thoughtful and professional and this was the first time we got to team up together on a wedding – it was a dream to work with her! <3robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_31

Jeunai’s friend Rebecca designed this lovely watercolor style wedding cake.robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_32 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_33

It was such a beautiful evening for outdoor dancing!
robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_34 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_35

The dancefloor (dancepatio?) was packed the rest of the night!robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_38

We snuck away for a few minutes right before sunset to get a few more portraits in the beautiful evening light.robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_36 robinswood-house-bellevue-wedding-jeunai-teddy_37

Be sure to check out more photos of their wedding day in this slideshow!

Thanks to the wonderful family and vendors who helped make this day come together!
Venue: The Robinswood House
Event coordination: Vira Danh – forevents
Catering: Act 3 Catering
Cake: Rebecca Gutierrez
Hair + makeup: Blushed by Veronica
Music: Ives Audio
Photography: Seattle wedding photographer Tara Brown