Edmonds Beach engagement: Kaarin + Jeff

October 2, 2015


Their love story begins in the halls of Meadowdale High School. Well, it really started as a friendship story, as they got to know each other and became best friends. It wasn’t until Kaarin asked Jeff to a school dance after about a year of being friends that something changed. Their feelings for each other grew stronger and they soon started dating – and have been together for nearly ten years.

Best friends have a knack for knowing exactly what the other person likes and wants, and Jeff, who says he knew he was in love “from the first moment he laid eyes on her,” knew that Kaarin didn’t want their engagement to be a big to-do. They attend a lot of concerts together, and on one particular night before heading to a country concert, Jeff got down on one knee and asked Kaarin to be his wife. She was completely surprised! And could not say ‘yes’ quickly enough.

I am so excited to photograph these high school sweethearts. Although our families have been friends for a long time, this is my first opportunity to really get to know Kaarin and Jeff – and they are a blast. We had so much fun during their engagement session and photo reveal. They are huge Husky fans, and that’s basically the easiest way into my heart. 😉 I cannot wait to photograph their Lordhill Farms wedding next summer!

Since we all hail from Edmonds, we wanted to take advantage of a lovely September evening down at the beach. We had beautiful golden light, but I think their affection for each other out-shined the sun.
edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 1

We got lucky that the tide was out a bit this evening, as these pylons are only exposed at that time. I just love how they create leading lines. But that’s the photographer in me. Kaarin and Jeff couldn’t care less; they have more important things to keep their attention. 😉edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 2

I have a lot of faves from this shoot, but…I just love these two. 😀edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 3 edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 4

As we were heading over to Brackett’s Landing, which was of course crowded with children building sand castles and scuba divers waddling into the Sound, there was one location and just a few moments where the sun hit Kaarin and Jeff just right and it looked like they had the whole, sandy beach to themselves. I could have photographed them in that spot forever. 😀edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 5

Kaarin even got to wiggle her toes in the sand. 😉edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 6
One thing that Jeff is very good at doing is making Kaarin laugh…which makes my job all the easier, because I just get to capture these beautiful candid moments.edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 7

A lil’ silhouette action for ya.edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 8

Kaarin grew up dancing, so you will rarely see her without her toes pointed. Love it.edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 9

I just heart these two cuties!edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 10

It’s an Edmonds kind of day…and an Edmonds kind of love. 😉edmonds-beach-engagement-kaarin-jeff 11

Kaarin and Jeff, I just adore you two. I’m so excited for next August…it will not be here soon enough! Hehe. Hugs.

Check out this slideshow to view more photos from their engagement session.