Seattle Melrose Market Studios Wedding: Ally + Seth

July 7, 2015


“Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam… And wuv, true wuv, will fowow you foweva… So tweasure your wuv.” – Clergyman, The Princess Bride

Back when I was roommates with Ally in college, I quickly learned that she lovvvves the movie The Princess Bride, and I can vividly remember her reciting that line above. Her sister, Olivia, did a spot-on rendition of it during her speech on Ally’s wedding day. And whether or not saying those lines over and over throughout her life has anything to do with it, Ally has indeed found her true wuv.

Ally and Seth met when they both joined the same indi dodgeball team of strangers – and those dodgeballs may as well have been Cupid’s arrows. They soon realized that in addition to pummeling opponents together, they also enjoyed each other’s company (and thought the other was pretty dang cute), and so they started dating…and still continue to play dodgeball to this day. Ally says that Seth is the nicest guy she’s ever met. Seeing the two of them together, it’s quite clear how considerate he is of her, always putting her first. One of my favorite things about them is that they can make each other smile and laugh at the drop of a hat. They simply exude happiness.

Their wedding day was nothing short of an exact reflection of their love together – fun, creative, beautiful, stylish, unique – and full of friends and family who were over the moon for them to be joining the same team, this time as true partners and not strangers.

Any time I get to photograph a wedding day it is special, but being able to document a dear friend is an extra special honor for me. Ally and Seth, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for inviting me to capture all of the fun, love and laughs on your wedding day. It fills me with joy to see Ally so happy, Seth, and I know you are the man to care for her for the rest of her life. Know that your true wuv will fowow you foweva.


On a gorgeous and sunny day in June, Ally and Seth’s day began at the Grand Hyatt Seattle. I always arrive a few minutes early so that I can scope out the area where I’ll be photographing, and to mix and mingle with the bridal party, and to make sure I have ample time for detail photos. (I heart details!) Ally’s Lena Medoyeff dress was to die for…


Love this ring box. So many personalized touches!seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-02

Ally’s accessories were perfect for her art deco wedding. And she and her bridesmaids designed these bouquets with flowers from Pike Place Market – are they talented or what! And Ally’s choice of Sam Edelman shoes was on point. seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-03

Olivia, Ally’s sister, designed their wedding invitations with the help of Paper Source.seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-04

I’ve mentioned it on my Instagram a few times, but I’ve been trying to step up my ring photography game…I personally love this shot. And aren’t their rings just lovely. seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-05seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-06

A beautiful bride getting ready…it takes a village! 😉seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-07

I mean…just…I die. Ally. Seriously? Killin’ ’em. That dress. That perfect sash. Gorgeous hair done by Lux Salon & Spa. Love you, girl!seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-08

Meanwhile, the fellas were gettin’ ready a few doors down, and my awesome second shooter and assistant for the day, Travis, captured some moments with them.seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-09

Seth is so focused on making sure he looks just right.seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-10

Ally and Seth wanted to see each other before their ceremony so we could have time to do portraits and family photos prior to all of the wedding activity. We found a quiet space in the Grand Hyatt where Ally could sneak up behind Seth.seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-11 seattle-grand-hyatt-wedding-12

For the family formals we headed to Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill. I had scouted different photo locations the day before, but we were on a bit of a time crunch and had so many family combinations to photograph that we ended up staying in this one area on the side of the SAM Asian Art Museum. It worked out well for us!seattle-volunteer-park-wedding-15 seattle-volunteer-park-wedding-16 seattle-volunteer-park-wedding-17 seattle-volunteer-park-wedding-23 seattle-volunteer-park-wedding-18 seattle-volunteer-park-wedding-19 seattle-volunteer-park-wedding-20 seattle-volunteer-park-wedding-21

I’m a sucker for daddy-daughter photos. 🙂 So much love right there!seattle-volunteer-park-wedding-22

We were able to get some of just the two of them, too.seattle-volunteer-park-wedding-14

Then, off we ubered to Melrose Market Studios for the ceremony and reception!seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-28 seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-29

There’s actually a market and dining area up top, but event space below, which is where we were.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-27

Ally and Seth had so many neat decorations!seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-26

Many of their rentals came from Vintage Ambiance – they have some seriously awesome pieces.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-25

Melrose Market Studios is dark, as far as cameras see. I chose to use studio lighting to illuminate this space for the entire evening. I do love all the string lights on the ceiling!seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-24

Prior to the ceremony, while everyone was waiting in the wings and guests were arriving, I snuck upstairs to the back door of Melrose Market Studios so we could get some more portraits of just Ally and Seth, since we had limited time at Volunteer Park. Who’d have thought a doorway would give you so many options. 😉seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-30 seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-31

If these two aren’t the most dapper bride and groom you’ve ever seen then I don’t know who is.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-32 seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-33

Love, love, love. <3seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-34

One thing I love about Ally and Seth is how much fun they have together – and how they are intentional about it. Case in point: bride and groom converse (plus, Seth’s gotta rock those Seattle skyline socks!)seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-35

And, remember how I mentioned they met while playing dodgeball? Never forget your roots. 🙂seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-36

I mean, c’mon, you two.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-37 seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-38

Portrait of a bride. A stunning, hilarious, awesome, caring, brilliant bride!seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-39

One final shot of these lovebirds before heading to their ceremony!seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-40

Raise your hand if you think these two are awesome!seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-41 seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-42 seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-43

Cocktail hour next door at Still Liquor.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-46seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-44

Catering by Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes, including this tasty spread.

Meanwhile, back at Melrose Market Studios, the ceremony space has been flipped and made ready for the reception. And I need to give mad props to Beth Mercier of Mercier Events – she and her team were fabulous to work with and we communicated really well about the timeline and what needed to be done. Not to mention that she’s super nice and energetic. She helped make this entire day run so smoothly.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-50 seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-51

The gold chevron table runners tie in the art deco theme so well.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-52

A sweetheart table with so much personalization. If it weren’t for dodgeball, none of us would be there!seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-53

This is the type of decoration that Ally and Seth can enjoy for the rest of their lives. I just love this piece!seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-54

Instead of a traditional guest book, attendees were asked to sign a post card and toss it into this vintage suitcase.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-57

And instead of escort cards, these lists were pinned with wine corks to a vintage screen.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-58

A two-sided chalkboard stand showed the program earlier in the evening and then was flipped around to show the menu.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-59

These two newlyweds are ready to chow down!seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-55 seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-56

Olivia delivering her mawage toast. 😉seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-60 seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-61

Ice cream sandwich bar for dessert. Yes. Please. Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes hand made all of these fresh-to-order for all of the guests.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-67

Throughout the evening I was able to sneak outside a few times with the bridal party for some more photos. We found a lot of great spots right around Melrose Market Studios.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-47

Channeling Entourage.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-48

Get ’em, Seth!seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-49

And of course the ladies needed their turn to have fun.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-69

Keep calm and Beyoncé.

Lots of hugs for Ally.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-71

We got lucky with a few minutes to capture this colorful sunset in the background! I love the juxtaposition of the glam couple and the urban setting. (Mad props to Travis for ditching the camera and becoming my full-on lighting assistant for the evening. Couldn’t have gotten these night images without his help!)seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-72 seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-73

But really, they couldn’t care less about the sunset…they had eyes for only each other. 🙂seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-74The party got started, and Ben Meadow Music was playin’ some jams!

All eyes were on Ally and Seth as they took the floor for their first dance as husband and wife.seattle-melrose-market-studios-wedding-62

I’ll end on this note. I just love seeing these two so happily in love. Congratulations, Ally and Seth!!! <3


You may also view a slideshow of Ally and Seth’s wedding:

Many thanks to the wonderful creative team who made Ally and Seth’s wedding such a fabulous day…
Wedding Venues: Grand Hyatt Seattle, Melrose Market Studios and Still Liquor
Coordinator: Mercier Events
Catering: Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes
Hair: Lux Salon & Spa Tacoma
Music: Ben Meadow Music
Photographer: Seattle Wedding Photographer Tara Brown