The Center for Wooden Boats Wedding: Ellen + Chris

October 27, 2013


Ellen and Chris were married on a lovely August evening at The Center for Wooden Boats on Lake Union. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect as they tied the knot in front of close family and friends.

I was lucky to photograph this special day as a second shooter for the ever-charismatic Stephen Gilbert. (You can read more about what it means to be a second shooter here.) We had a blast working together. He’s also the one responsible for the photos on my “Meet TB” page (thanks!).

Here are a few images from that day…my main assignment was the details of the venue. It was gorgeous!


When I showed up to photograph Chris as he got ready for the day, he was in the middle of playing The Last Word with his son and his son’s girlfriend. I was immediately invited to play with them – couldn’t refuse the offer!

tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0001 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0002 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0010tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0003 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0004 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0005 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0008 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0027 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0009tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0007tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0006 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0011 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0016 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0017 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0018tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0012 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0015 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0020

This one’s my fave.tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0038 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0022tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0043 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0042 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0036 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0024 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0026 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0025 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0031

This guy was totally the best dressed!tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0039 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0032 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0033 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0030 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0035 tara-brown-ellen-and-chris__0034