Blanchet class of 2013: Drew

May 13, 2013


Meet Drew, a senior at Blanchet High School. He plays soccer, loves baseball hats, and is a huge sneakerhead (potentially rivaling my buddy Darnell Gant?). Drew and I hung out on the beach at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle a couple weeks ago for his senior photo session, where I learned that he’ll be attending the University of San Francisco in the fall to pursue art – he wants to design his own t-shirt line, how cool is that! (I also learned that his older brother goes to Gonzaga and is friends with my youngest sister! Small world.) Drew was great to work with, instantly comfortable being in front of the camera…and while editing his images I was struck by how closely he resembles good ol’ Peeta from The Hunger Games…minus all that dirt on his face. Perhaps Drew can be a stunt double in the final film… 🙂

DrewMortenson_042813_001__web DrewMortenson_042813_063__web DrewMortenson_042813_068__web DrewMortenson_042813_080__web DrewMortenson_042813_082__web DrewMortenson_042813_089__web DrewMortenson_042813_103__web DrewMortenson_042813_107__web DrewMortenson_042813_120__web DrewMortenson_042813_147__web DrewMortenson_042813_150__web DrewMortenson_042813_158__web

One of my faves of the day.

DrewMortenson_042813_168__web DrewMortenson_042813_178__web DrewMortenson_042813_188__web

C’mon. Seriously. Peeta. Amiright?

DrewMortenson_042813_185__web DrewMortenson_042813_191__web DrewMortenson_042813_201__web DrewMortenson_042813_229__web DrewMortenson_042813_234__web DrewMortenson_042813_249__web DrewMortenson_042813_242__web

Thanks again for the great shoot, Drew! Good luck to you as you finish your senior year and head off into the brave new world! We’ll have to do another shoot once you have your t-shirt line. 🙂