Seattle Lifestyle Men’s Portrait: Ike

November 11, 2011


A bit over a year ago I did a photo shoot with Justin Dentmon, and one of his basketball teammates was interested in having some similar work done. Shortly thereafter, I met Ike, aka King Omeni, aka 747, and since the crummy weather season was beginning, we decided to postpone the shoot until sunnier/dryer days. Ike and I have become good friends over this past year, as he’s played a few seasons with my co-ed hoops team. We just finnnnnnalllllllly found a weekend where our schedules and the weather all cooperated; it was quite chilly, though, so Ike crammed about five outfit changes into an hour shoot. He has a tendency towards the “I’m a model so I don’t smile” pose, but I got him to crack a smile a few times by making fun of his game on the basketball court. I even got to capture a few shots of him and his beautiful daughter. (She sort of stole the show, but don’t tell Ike that.) 🙂

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