[Lifestyle] Perry

September 27, 2010


Watch out, ladies – heart breaker in the making right here.

A few days ago, Perry, aka Per’ Bear, asked me to shoot photos for the cover of his R&B; single. (*Note* Per’ Bear is not his artist name, but rather, something we like to call him on the basketball court to minimize his impact on the game). I told him that I’d do it for free IF he sang me his song. …… Perry, this is first and final notice: you have two weeks to sing to me or you’re gettin’ a bill in the mail. 🙂

Perry’s an awesome basketball player, and we met on the court about a year and a half ago. (Basketball is my other passion, but the NBA never returns my calls, so I had to find a different profession). I only recently learned that he’s dabbling in music, and I was thrilled when he asked me to shoot for his album cover.

It was a beautiful Saturday evening, I’d just finished working 9-5 at an employee soccer tournament (taking photos all day, of course), and Perry met up with me at the UW. We shot against a brick wall of the IMA, on the stairs next to the tennis courts, and around Conibear Shellhouse. A pretty quick shoot apart from all the outfit changes. 🙂 We had a blast, though. And tonight after seeing his photos he asked me, “So when can I get your autograph?” *grin* I’ll take that as “success!”

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present future R&B; sensation, Per’ Bear 🙂
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